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Holly's Ultimate Buddy Challenge

Holly's Ultimate Buddy Challenge

Holly is indeed the Ultimate Buddy — she successfully helped find homes for nine dogs at the Townsville Animal Care Centre that she became a buddy to, and even adopted a tenth one herself!

Holly’s first Buddy was Border Collie cross Calypso. Feeling that Calypso would benefit from someone who understood this intelligent breed, Holly shared Calypso’s profile on the Townsville Border Collie Facebook page. Calypso was adopted the next day by someone on the page.

The Townsville RSPCA has so many animals that they can’t all be displayed to the public. I thought asking the public to help promote the animals was a brilliant idea and would save a lot of lives.

Such a rewarding experience. A big thank you to the RSPCA and your amazing organisation. And remember everyone to encourage others to consider adoption, don’t shop.

Stephanie's Ultimate Buddy Challenge
Stephanie with her own pet, Simba.
Stephanie's Ultimate Buddy Challenge Share

Stephanie's Ultimate Buddy Challenge

Stephanie shared 10-month old Bailey’s image on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and asked her family to put up posters at work. But his new owner wasn’t far away.

Stephanie put the power of social media to good use by sharing Bailey’s photos on each of her profiles. Thank you Stephanie for finding Bailey a home!

I felt there was something special about Bailey. I just knew my friend Pip and her husband needed him and he needed them! He’s now very happy in Pip’s home and they’re totally besotted with him.

Anne's Ultimate Buddy Challenge

Anne's Ultimate Buddy Challenge

Anne was an enthusiastic participant from our first Ultimate Buddy Challenge. We loved receiving all of the new ideas she sent through to help the RSPCA rehome more animals. As such, Anne was the worthy recipient of our “Most Innovative Adoption Initiative” award.

As you can see, Anne already has a full house with Jazz, who she adopted from RSPCA Wacol, Chewi the German Shepard and Mitzy the Miniature Foxi. The Ultimate Buddy Challenge was a great way for Anne to continue to get involved and help other animals in need of a home.

The buddy challenge was a way I could support and contribute to the work carried out by staff and volunteers at the RSPCA. Through the use of social media such as facebook, twitter and emails I was able to support three doggy buddies to find forever homes and spread the word to help other animals looking for homes.

I purchased the pop-up posters of each buddy and travel around Queensland with them in the rear window of my car - even though the challenge has finished I still have a cat and dog pop-up poster in the car - there is always someone looking for that perfect companion and raising awareness of the adoption program at the RSPCA. Come on and be a part of this wonderful organisation and I challenge you to do better :) - give it a GO